Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter AKA Resurrection Day....

I have never gotten caught up in the crazy frenzy of Easter and the eggs, baskets, new clothes...When I was raising my children, I wanted them to revere and respect what it was about, the death and resurrection of their and my savior, Jesus Christ. Some reading this post may disagree, not believe in JC, whatever. It's ok. But I will say this, just because you don't believe does not mean it isn't so. I accept it by faith. I have not had reason NOT to believe, and I have been through a lot in my life to cause me to question if there is a God.

This year was the first time in over 15 years that I dyed Easter eggs. I did it a few times with the boys, then relegated that task to my mother in law, sister and mother. The ONLY reason for doing this now was my granddaughter. She is 2 now and though she is still trying to figure out the whole Easter story...not the one about bunnies laying chocolate eggs, but about who Jesus is and why Easter is. I thought, why not? She can expirement with colors, and be creative.

Anyway, back to the eggs. I let Kamiyah dye a dozen and a half eggs all by herself. That was so funny. She was so enthralled with the colors and I was surprised by myself. I let her do things I would never have let the boys do, like making an absolute mess and not saying a word about it...That's how I know I'm a grandmother.

Next year she will be a year older and understand a little more. She will learn young that rabbits don't lay eggs there is no real Easter bunny. She will learn that one day Jesus was crucified, died on a cross, and rose on the third day. Not so she could get some candy, toys and eggs, and a pretty new dress and shoes but so she and anyone else can have eternal life. That my friend is what Easter is about.