Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Count Down to Vacation!!

In 9 days my husband and I will go on our first cruise, that we decided to dub the "It's about time Honeymoon". This has been a long time coming. We got married young. We didn't have a honeymoon to speak. Unless you consider 2 days child free in our hot apartment a honeymoon...Not! So over the years we have gone to coast, Seattle, LA and other close by destinations but never for more than a few days, and most times we took the kids with us. Like the 3 week 12 states family vacation...Yeah. That is a blog entry for another time!

Between me being treated for cancer and having to have a stem cell transplant and the Mister having kidney failure, dialysis and eventually a kidney and pancreas transplant, we kind of haven't had time or resources to think about fun stuff like cruises and extended vacations. Throw in raising kids and owning my own business and well, I think you can get the picture.

So we saved for a year (thanks to our wonderful friends who really talked us into doing it). For some reason I wasn't real excited about going. What about work? I can't be gone from the office that long...Right? Wait yes I can. That is what I hired competent people for!! Slowly the idea started to grow on me. Now I am so excited I can barely contain it!

We will be gone for 11 days. 7 of those days will be on a cruise in the beautiful Caribbean. Blue ocean, white sandy beaches and warm sunshine. My friend and I decided we are wearing bathing suits everyday. Because we can. I have worried myself for the last decade about my body and my weight and what I don't want to wear because of how I will look...Ha! No more. I am not perfect. I am not skinny. I am healthy even if my body is not a little size. I am strong, and quite frankly if push came to shove I could out walk and exercise my skinny friends into the ground!!

Life is really too short to live regretting what should have been or what isn't. Live in the here and now and if anything learn from the past but don't dwell in it.

I plan on having the time of my life with the love of my life, not only just on this long awaited vacation, but everyday.