Sunday, November 30, 2014

Another Perfectly imperfect Thanksgiving

I am a bit late on my Thanksgiving post.  My plan was to host dinner at our home.  My in-law's are in town, and though my husband had been in the hospital I was sure I could pull it off.  Not quite.
As much as my mind was convinced I could pull it off, the reality was that my husband was sick and starting dialysis, I was working very long hours and just didn't have the bandwidth that I imagined.
My Superwoman mother stepped in and saved the day.  She hosted, and all I needed to do was prepare a few dishes--small ones just for my husband because he is on a special diet, and for my mother in law because she has some food allergies....Simple right?

The night before Thanksgiving turned into a sleep over with my son and three grandchildren.  We were up until the wee hours of the morning, laughing, playing games, talking.  My other son came over and wanted me to make him a crust for his now famous peach cobbler..only to find out that I didn't make enough.  I decided at the last minute to make a cake.  Oh, the mashed potatoes!  Yeah. time ran out.  Couldn't do it.  So there I was, what was supposed to be so simple turned into something not so simple.

Guess what, it was everything it was supposed to be.  The grand babies were running all over the place.  The house was abuzz with life and laughter and yes, chaos.  But most of all?  It was filled with love.  Having my sons as my side, one tending to his own children, the other baking side by side with me.  I would not trade the warmth of those memories for anything.  So while it felt like I cooked a full dinner and I was rushed and feeling a little bit pressured as time was ticking by and I still needed to get dressed and get to my mother's house, it was worth every chaotic moment!

A long time coming....back

March 12, 2014 I shut down.  My beloved Uncle Bobby (Rev. Robert Probasco Sr.) died that day.   It was not a surprise, I knew it was coming, yet when it happened it was devastating. He suffered so much the last months of his life and it was so hard to watch.   He was my trusted Pastor for over thirty years.  He was so instrumental in my life from childhood to adult, marriage, motherhood, spiritual development.  To lose him...I still find it hard to describe the absence of him in our lives.  So on that day I shut down.  Yes I still attended church, went to work, went about daily life, but I was numb inside. So many changes and transitions.  Adjustments to a new pastor, my best friend moving, professional challenges, personal issues,  I just went through the motions to survive.  But I'm back. I am ready for 2015 and am thankful for the tough times that have endured, because it has made me stronger!