Friday, December 12, 2008


It has been a wild few days. A few days ago while cooking, I had an incident involving a burning skillet and a fire extinguisher. Scary stuff. Kamiyah was at the house and it was just so scary that my house came close to being destroyed. Had I not had a a fire extinguisher, I don't know.....

Anyway, even though the fire was pretty intense, it left no damage (except the skillet-which I now need to replace!) Let me tell you though, cleaning up fire extinguisher residue is NO FUN! Imagine a 25lb bag of flour scattered ALL over your kitchen. Yeah. That. CRAZY! I spent 4 hours scrubbing and sweeping and wiping.... But guess what? My kitchen is spotless, We are all safe and we have a house that is not damaged. Thank God for that

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