Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Workin' 9-5....

What a crazy week. Apparently I picked the wrong profession and health care system to work in if I thought I would get to stay home because of the weather. I tell you, we are like the post master. No matter what the weather, we will be here ready to greet you...with a smile....dang it!

So it is now Christmas Eve. My house is a mess, the kids will be coming to stay over, I still have one gift left to buys (that is not because of my poor planning, I was at the mercy of someonebody else who had poor planning...). The presents are wrapped, the shopping for food done. All is not lost I guess.

I had to stop and put all into perspective last night when I was EXHAUSTED from the 2nd day of a 12 hour shift. I starting thinking how grateful I am to have a job to complain about working so long. I was thankful that I was able to give my family gifts and pay cash for them. I was thankful that we will have my children and granddaughter with us for the holiday. That we are all healthy and well and blessed. There will be so many people this holiday season who are estranged from their families, in transition because of death or divorce. I pray that those people will find peace and that those of us who have many blessings will remember those who don't and count our blessings.

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