Sunday, September 27, 2009

When the Cat is Away...

The mice get sick and can't do anything they planned!

This weekend I had grand plans. Paint the kitchen, stair well to the basement, hallway. Strip and refinish an antique dresser. Sew some pillow covers for the living room. Pull weeds. Oh the list went on and on. See, I figured I would do all these things while the Mr. and the Sons were out of town so no one would ask me why I was doing what I was doing and then offer to give me advice that I did not ask for nor planned to take into advisement. I envisioned them coming home, walking through the door and being COMPLETELY dazzled by what I had done. "Really? You painted that yourself?" and "Wow, you did an amazing job, I don't think I could have done a better job!". Instead it will be more like "Why did you move that little table that was by the door? Where am I supposed to put the keys now?". *sigh*

Instead of doing everything I had on my "Honey-do-if-you-don't-hurry-up-I-will-do-it-myself-or-pay-someone" List, I relaxed. I read. I moseyed around. I bought take out. I got my nails done. (OK, fixed really...another story for another day).I went to church (the highlight of my week I might add). I had lunch with my amazing friends and some awesome young people. I went to the fabric store (another highlight...)

I thought to myself that considering that I had spent the last 4 days sick as a dog to the point of not being to go to work for 2 days, that maybe what I needed was good old relaxation, reflection and reconnecting with those who I love. I visited with family and friends and was at peace with the fact that I got nothing done this weekend that I planned or would have ordinarily considered productive. It just works out that way sometimes.

So the Cat is coming back (and I am so glad I might add). I'm feeling better so I guess this was a perfect little get away for all of us. But next time the mice will play!

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