Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Who Knew?

My husband lost his aunt on Tuesday. My best friend lost her father on Sunday. Another dear friend lost his brother a little more than a week ago. I have experienced more loss of very close people in the last year than my whole life. As I move up in age, those around me do too. My friends are burying their parents. Some have had to bury their husband or wife. Even children are not spared. I know that my turn will come. What can I learn from these events? Is there anything to learn? Yes. For one, know Whose you are and don't spend eternity in the smoking section. God made provisions for everybody, not believing it does not make it not so. Have a will. Put money away for your burial. Make your final wishes known to those close to you. Live and Love without regrets.

Death. It's all around us. It does not ask for an invitation to this little intimate party we call life. It crashes in, snatches the host is off to find the next party to crash.

We will all have our party crashed. Some parties will have been going on for some time, others maybe just beginning, you know that time in the party when you finally get enough courage to go dance, or favorite song is finally know that time when you finally say to yourself, "I'm glad I came".

It is my hope that when my party gets crashed, that I am remembered as the hostess with the mostess. Generous, caring, not worried about who's spilling what on the carpet.

What kind of party will death crash for you? Make it so fly that he will want to stay around and party for awhile.

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