Sunday, April 4, 2010

An Easter Reflection

Here we are at the highest of Holy days in the Christian Church. It's Easter, full of bunnies who lay multicolored chocolate eggs, rabbits who bring kids yummy treats and toys in the middle of the night...New outfits for Sunday service....Family dinners, Easter sales...Awww, the joys!

As I reflect on this day though, it has nothing to do with any of that. It doesn't even have to do with 'church'. This morning I attended a short, simple yet powerful sunrise service. It was dark, the only light being from the glow of the electric piano display, the powerstip lights and the street lights filtering in from outside. It was solemn, as everyone contemplated the events that lead to Christ's victory from the grave. We sat in silence until the sun came up, and were then dismissed in peace to come back later and rejoice in the good news of the Resurrection.

For me, I thought of the Gift. The Gift of Salvation that was given to all, whether it is claimed or not, its there. I am not religous, I am spirtual. That will go a lot farther than religion anyday. Some who read this may be shocked by that. I get it. Religion is doing and following something. I religously come home on Monday nights and watch 24. I religously hit my snooze bar in the morning no matter what time its set for. Spirtualuality is walking with God, its learning to live through the spirit of God. Its about freedom. Its about love and service to fellow mankind. Its about leaving judgment to God and just loving people where they are because He created them in His image.

I will never waiver from my faith in God. Take away all the churches in the world, and those who truly, truly have faith, those whose spirtuality is not rooted in a building, whose faith is not tied to a human or some formula of doing things. Those would be ok. Their faith is not wrapped up and entagled into a church, denomination or religion. He is in the heart, but he is also in the world around us. Speaking to us in the majesty of the Mountains, in the crash of the waves of the ocean. In the stillness of forest. In the beauty of the flowers. Wispering in the wind. He is everywhere. Displayed in the diversity of mankind. Four walls can't contain that. No one can own that. Its for all.

There have been many events in my life and the lives of those close to me that meet the qualification for me to doubt if God exists, or even cares about us. But because I am still standing, still able to trust even in the midst of pain, disappointment, confusion, grief, tragedy it is because of Faith, when I have no answers to the madness and nonsense I can at least strive for attainable peace. That is a guarantee.

So on this Easter, reflect on the Gift of ultimate sacrafice made for mankind, regardless of ones belief (not believing does not make it not so), religion, etc., figure out how to make your corner of the world a better place by loving not only yourself, but mankind and of course claiming your Gift.

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chisa said...

powerfully sincere, thank you