Friday, November 5, 2010


The past few days of early November of 2010 have been beautiful.  Even though it is well into fall, the sky is blue, the weather warm and balmy.  With eyes closed, one could imagine a early summer afternoon.  The winds are blustery, but not too much so that the day couldn't be enjoyed.  I love the colors. Gold, burgundy, red, dark green, orange. The colors are so alive and vivid.   My eyes can't get enough.  I find myself walking with my head up, watching the color scape go by and just wanting fall to never end so I can just enjoy the amazing colors and sensations, a treat for the senses.  Being a La Nina year, it has brought us a mild summer, and led us into a beautiful autumn season. Endless Indian Summer.  It is definitely my favorite season of the year.  Though eventually the leaves fade and then blow away slowly, the promise of winter and depending on the weather pattern of La Nino, bringing a milder dry winter or La Nina, cold and wet there is always spring that brings us color, warmth and new hope and anticipation of all things new.

As I walked and enjoyed the splendor of it all, it made me think of the seasons of life.  I would say that I am definitely in late, late summer.  I'm talking a week to a few days before the equinox!  I stopped and reflected to myself that I am sure that 10-20 years ago I would have said spring or summer were my favorite season because of the sunshine and bright flowers.  I'm sure I would not have considered winter, with its bleak, colorless canvas.  As I reflect on where I am in life, I wonder what the La Nina or La Nino weather pattern will bring me.  Metaphorically speaking my trees are still strong and full of the vigor of summer, but there are subtle hints that fall is around corner.  The curling of a leaf here and there, the almost imperceptible fading of green to orange, gold or pale green.  It doesn't feel like fall, but you know it is around the corner and time to prepare for it.

I wonder what my fall will be.  I thought about all the seasons that I have been through in my 40 some years (that I can really remember, mostly as an adult).  Some years seemed like summer held on long into October, with leaves stubbornly staying green and lush.  The hardest winds unable to shake the leaves free.  Other years found summer a distant memory long before the equinox occurs in late September, seeming to end on that last day before school starts.  One can no more predict or control what may come.  Some people will have long, long summers.  Others will barely have one and not be fortunate to enjoy much of fall before thrust into the harsh winter.  One never knows.

I plan to contine to walk with my head up, savoring the beauty of the seasons I have left.  I hope to be wise enough to recognize and embrace whatever weather pattern I have to endure.  My fall will be here before I know it, giving way to winter.  The thing is though, our winter will give birth to someone else's spring, be it our children, grandchildren or others whose lives we touch. And so it will go on.

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