Friday, November 26, 2010

The Perfect Thanksgiving III

Here we are again!  Another Thanksgiving come and gone.  This year I must say was very interesting.  For one, the Mister was not here.  He went off to surprise his parents in Kansas.  For two, I did not host dinner at my house.  I know.  Weird.  Practically un-American huh?  You know, this year I just didn't have it in me. It has been a long, emotionally draining year.  The tank is a little low people.   Long before I even knew Mister would be in the land of Oz, just thinking about cooking, and making my house company presentable and all the other craziness that comes with me doing dinner made me tired and long for a nap.

Now come on, if you have been reading my blog then you know I love Thanksgiving and well, am the Hostess with the Mostest.... (The Perfect Thanksgiving II and The Perfect Thanksgiving I   Honestly at first everything just seemed off and not right about not hosting.  For a very brief, and I do mean brief-second, I felt guilty. Like I was betraying the day and everyone in the family!  Like I said, that was brief.

They day turned out perfect, even though I didn't see my dad (he got sick just before he was to come by), my daughter in law and Grand baby weren't there (Grand baby knows her limitations and told her mom and dad she needed a nap, and DIL broke bread with her family), and The Mister was in the land of Oz.  This was the first time in our 25+ years together that we weren't together for a holiday, and I miss him terribly.

I woke up later than I had wanted, got the potato salad and cake (the only things I was responsible for...) done later than I wanted, but hey they got done! Dinner was fabulous, I love my family so much.  I have to say though, the BEST parts of the day really were simple.  Cooking with the youngest son and talking about life, pretending not to peek at the way he makes salmon...the best rosemary salmon ever I might add.  Witnessing his stroke of genius idea to make champagne cupcakes...hilarious!  He is so smart, and so funny.  It was absolutely priceless.   The second part was hanging out with the Grand baby after dinner.  She and I decorated the Christmas tree and let me tell you, the look in her eyes when she opened the boxes and saw the ornaments...words can't describe, you just would have had to be there.  We talked and she told me where to put the ornaments (though at one point she was calling them 'decorates' instead of ornaments).

The day is gone now.  We completed our task of decorating the tree.  Right now Grand baby is sleeping soundly next to me.  I had grand plans to go to the craft store with her in tow but decided that was not going to be the best thing to do after she told me she didn't want to go.  Something about Brown Thursday, craft store and late hours with a 3 year old didn't sound too appealing to me either.

In a few hours we will wake up and start a new adventure.  We have a few more things to buy for the tree, she asked if we can buy an ornament for her sister Tatiana who is due to be born in February.  She didn't think it fair that her brother and sister who are in heaven got ornaments but Tatiana didn't.  I didn't even know where to take that conversation so I just told her okay, we will go get one and she can choose it.  Yep, priming the pump because I can already see the resistance when she realizes we are going to the the craft store!   I can't wait see what wonders await us.  I am so grateful that it was another perfect Thanksgiving.

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