Sunday, December 4, 2011

Now where did I put that...?

Here we are!  Another Holiday season.  Sad to say, I am not remotely close to having decorations up.  It is now 4 days into December...last Thanksgiving I couldn't wait to get the tree and decorations up...Now here I am, almost 2 weeks after and still no tree. 

This year will be a Louisa Mae Alcott Christmas... remember in Little Women when they made gifts for each other?  Yes, that is me.  Most people are getting handcrafted gifts that I hope they will find meaningful.  There is just this one thing I didn't really take into account when I had this bright idea one week prior to Thanksgiving...TIME!  When one ventures into the land of 'DIY' Christmas, it is really best to do so at least 6 months in advance.  There is the shopping, prepping, planning, cutting out of patterns, frequent trips to the craft or fabric store for things you swear you have at home (and you do, just can't find them...).  I keep asking myself what I was thinking...where I am going to find the time to complete these projects? Well, one thing I do know about myself is that I work well under pressure, back against the wall.  I do some of my best work under those conditions.  I think some people have another name for it.  I think it's called procrastination! Now off to make those soon as I find that one thing....

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