Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New Year

It has been a long time since my last post.  I went on a hiatus of sorts...so many things have happened since then.  My world changed in 2014.  By the time 2015 rolled around, I was so relieved with the expectation of new beginnings, preparing for graduation...but I met 2015 with challenges that I frankly did not think I would survive.  My husband retired from his job with a medical disability and husband was hospitalized multiple times.  My mental health was in distress and it became necessary to take a leave of absence from work.  Every turn it seemed there was something breaking my spirit into pieces.  Sure there were rays of light here and there in 2015...my college graduation, my niece going off to college, beginning a new job; but there were the absolute heartbreaks-the deaths of friends and family members, notably my father in law. The grief and sadness just does not let up! My daughter in law lost her mother.  Then a week later her sister's father died.  The love of my life, my rock, my everything, is fighting for his life.  I am trying to be optimistic about 2016.  I have a new focus on health and wellness for myself, and know that whatever comes my way I have the tools to deal with what comes along.

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